Cutting Edge Technology

Portfolio Solutions® considers cybersecurity to be critically important. We strive to be a cybersecurity leader in the wealth management space, and constantly invest and work to remain at the cutting edge of cybersecurity initiatives and technology. Each and every employee at Portfolio Solutions® completes ongoing Security, Education, Training, and  Awareness. Our team uses an enterprise level password management tool to create long, strong, and complex passwords used to access confidential business systems. Protocols are in place to independently verify movements of funds and other changes requested by our clients when working with Portfolio Solutions®.  

Depth of Experience

Our team includes in-house CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS, Chartered Financial Analysts, Master’s Degree holders, and a CPA.

Independent Qualified Custodian

All client assets are held by an independent, third-party qualified custodian.  Portfolio Solutions® has no access to your investment assets, except for payment of management fees. We only have trading authority in accordance with each client’s long-term investment strategy. Clients receive statements directly from their custodian monthly or quarterly. The statements reflect all securities held with their custodian as well as any transactions that occurred in the account, including the deduction of our investment management fee. We urge clients to review the account statements received from their custodian and compare them to the reports they receive from Portfolio Solutions®.

Licenses and Insurance

Portfolio Solutions® maintains levels of business insurance commensurate with our responsibilities as a manager of over $1.45 billion* in client investment assets. These include ERISA Fiduciary Fidelity Bonding, Investment Adviser Professional Liability and other business insurance policies you have come to expect from a Registered Investment Advisor operating since 1999. Portfolio Solutions® also monitors and assists in maintaining the numerous professional credentials held by our team, including annual fee maintenance, continuing professional education requirements, and other training.

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